FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal Camera – TG165 lets you see the heat so you know where to reliably measure it. Easily find unseen hot and cold spots for instant troubleshooting, and store images and data to show customers and include in reports. – TG165

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  • Featuring FLIR's innovative lepton IR imaging engine
  • Thermal sensitivity/NETD is < 150 MK and the minimum focus distance is 0.1 m or 4 inches
  • Easily save images and data for documentation; Image frequency: 9Hz
  • Download images fast over USB or from removable micro SD
  • Compact and durable to easily stow in a crowded tool bag

FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal Camera – Thermometer with Thermal Image

The FLIR TG165 is a new class of non-contact temperature measurement tool that we call an Imaging IR Thermometer. The TG165 blows away traditional single point spot temp guns and visual hybrids. Unlike old school radiometers that have you blindly stabbing away trying to find a heat anomaly component by component, the TG165 actually lets you see a true IR image of what’s cold and what’s hot so you quickly know where to point to get a good reading. That saves lots of time and speeds up troubleshooting. It also has two built-in laser pointers that define the size of the area you’re measuring so you can trust what you’re getting. It’s designed to detect high-temp situations often found on mechanical equipment, too. It’s a no-brainer to use, and handy and small enough to slip into a crowded tool bag. You don’t have to pay through the nose either. Priced under $500, it helps you equip everyone in the field and around the plant with the power of thermal.

FLIR TG165 Imaging IR Thermometer – How it Works

Thermal imaging is one of the most powerful technologies ever developed to enhance visual perception. The unaided human eye can only perceive a very narrow band of visible light along the electromagnetic spectrum, which also includes radio and microwaves, infrared and ultraviolet light, X-Rays, and gamma rays.

Thermal energy—or “heat”—resides within the infrared spectrum, which is invisible. However, a spot thermometer sensor is capable of converting thermal energy into a temperature measurement, and a thermal imaging detector converts thermal energy into an electronic thermal image that can be viewed on an LCD screen.

The TG165 utilizes both of these types of infrared technology, simultaneously. The spot thermometer emits a beam of infrared light that lands on an object and then bounces back. The thermometer determines the object’s apparent surface temperature based on how much thermal energy the object is emitting, reflecting, or transmitting.

The TG165’s thermal imager, on the other hand, includes a micro thermal camera that can passively scan an area and display images of hot and cold patterns on an LCD screen. Being able to “see” infrared radiation creates an entirely new level of awareness for professionals and consumers, alike. Users no longer have to guess where to take temperature readings. They can literally see hot and cold spots, making work more efficient and reliable.

The TG165’s IR thermometer has a Distance-to-Spot ratio of 24:1. In other words, from a distance of 24 inches (61 cm), the TG165 can measure the temperature of a one-inch spot (2.5 cm). If you double the distance to 48 inches (122 cm) the spot diameter will expand to two inches (5 cm), and so on.

The amount of thermal energy emitted by an object depends upon its temperature and how effi ciently it radiates thermal energy. This efficiency is called “emissivity.” Emissivity values range from 0.1 for very reflective material—such as shiny metal—to 1.00 for a pipe with a flat black finish. The TG165 has both adjustable and preset emissivity settings, and the TG165 user’s manual includes a list of common materials and their respective emissivity factors as a quick reference for users who are not trained in thermography.

See the Heat

The FLIR TG165 Imaging IR Thermometer lets you see heat patterns, reliably measure temperatures with the onboard spot meter, and store images and data. Ready to use right out of the box, the TG165 will quickly become your go-to troubleshooting tool. Easily find hot and cold spots that are invisible to the naked eye to help you investigate and solve problems without delay. FLIR’s exclusive wafer-formed Lepton thermal sensor takes you beyond the limitations of single spot IR thermometers to help you see the heat and know right where to measure it.

Find an Unseen World of Problems Ordinary Meters Miss

Bridging the gap between single spot IR thermometers and FLIR’s legendary infrared cameras, the TG165 gives you the advantage of thermal imaging to help you discover temperature issues you can’t see with typical spot radiometers. You’ll work more quickly and have confidence you won’t miss anything vital.

Equipped with FLIR’s exclusive Lepton® micro thermal camera, the TG165 helps you identify heat patterns, reliably measure temperature, and store images and data for reports. And with a spot ratio of 24 to 1, you can take accurate readings from safer distances. The TG165 is simple to operate, featuring intuitive menu icons and dual laser pointers. Built by the world leader in thermal technology, the durable TG165 will quickly become your “go to” temperature tool.


Key Benefits

  • See heat issues clearly
  • Measure temperature more accurately
  • Document your work with images
  • Trust the rugged durability
  • Target the right spot
  • Troubleshoot quickly
  • Stay safer and more aware
  • Fits every budget


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