April 13, 2022

If you have hard days at work or play for long periods of time, sooner or later your back will suffer the consequences of it. It could be due to not doing proper back exercises, bad posture, not taking breaks, etc. Whatever the reason is, a proper massage chair can be a powerful ally.

Let’s be clear, there are no magic solutions, but choosing the correct massage chair will help a lot. In addition, you could get an ergonomic chair for gaming or work and help your back posture to avoid back pain in the first place.

The Best Things About Massage Chairs

Of course, to help you decide to get a massage chair, first, you should know why are they good and what benefits can they offer to you.

Massage Chair Benefits

A massage chair offers all the benefits a massage can give you in the comfort of your home and allows you to use it while doing other things. Without having to stop watching a movie or playing a massage chair can offer you:

  • Leg swelling reduction: if you have circulation problems or you’re standing for long periods your legs will swell. A massage chair can help you by getting your legs back to normal size.
  • Relief of chronic pain conditions: a massage on the affected areas can soothe the pain of diseases like arthritis.
  • Chiropractic effect: sometimes, at work or while playing, you are sitting for too much time, and without noticing this can cause contractures. Naturally, these are combated with massages, and of course, your massage chair would handle it.
  • Prevents chronic back problems: the constant and unattended tension in your back can derivate into severe problems like a herniated disc. Regular massages are a great way to relieve back tension and avoid these problems.
  • Relaxing time: a comfortable chair plus its programs and functions can give you a full session of relaxing massages to fight that hard day at work.

What to Look for in a Massage Chair

Everything about massage chairs sounds great so far, but what should I look at them to find a great one, you may ask. Well, here you’ll find categories that are important when choosing a massage chair.


If you’re looking for just a relaxing moment, a simple massage chair or even a massage chair cover can supply your needs. However, it’s advisable to consider other functions when choosing a massage chair, because this way you could get more out of it.

Some might be reclining or can heat up your back, which is better will depend on your needs and likes. The recommendable basic functions are different massage programs to cover various needs and it has to be a reclining massage chair.


Whether you want to put it in your living room or your room, the massage chair design will affect the view and the space in that room. Choosing not just a nice-looking chair, but perhaps a more slim or elegant design will affect the final results.

You’ll have to know what is more important to you, space or decoration. Based on your likes or necessities, you can go for a leather massage chair, or something smaller, similar to a gaming chair.

Crafting Materials

The better the crafting materials are the more durable the massage chair will be. For this purpose, you have to look at some key points like if the base is made of plastic or steel, if the armrests are padded or not, etc. Always look for details that are important for your intended use.

Finally, you should check how much weight the massage chair is designed for. Logically the higher the number is, the better the structure is going to be, and that will mean more durability.

The Importance of an Ergonomic Chair for Playing or Work

Massage chairs are of great help when you had a difficult day at work, or if your back is hurting, but you could avoid that backache. Here is where ergonomic chairs play an important role.

Of course that having an ergonomic chair doesn't mean not having a massage chair but supporting it. If you have constant backaches, it will be increasingly difficult for the massage chair to soothe the pain. Because of this, supporting it with an ergonomic chair will decrease the possible problems.

How Ergonomic Chairs Work

These chairs are specially designed to give your body support for extensive hours of work. For this purpose, the back of the chair instead of being straight follows the shape of your spine alleviating your back’s strain.

In addition, they also have armrests, the possibility of regulating the height, and some are declining. All of these work together, in little ways, for your body to be overall less tense, the shoulders, the neck, the legs. So consider adding to your workplace or your gaming routines an ergonomic chair.

The Best of Both Worlds

Now imagine if you could have all the benefits and cares that both, a massage chair and an ergonomic chair can give you. Sure it sounds unrealistic, an ergonomic massage chair? But it is real and you could get one.

Not only your back will thank you for the implementation of an ergonomic chair, but you could get a massage while working or playing. If you start to feel tense or just want some massages while playing or working, just choose the massage function and enjoy.

With the Costway Ergonomic High Back Massage Chair, for a reasonable price, you'll have all your working or playing routine needs.

It counts with:

  • 4 massage spots, 2 on the back and 2 on the lumbar plus 8 massage functions.
  • Adjustable backrest and footrest, easily adjustable from 90° to 140°.
  • High quality and comfortable material, covered with PU leather, it is even environmentally friendly and durable.

Without any doubt, the Costway Ergonomic High Back Massage Chair is indeed an awesome product, and it could help you a lot. Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers and take advantage of this chair today!

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