June 25, 2021

Smart Home Automation was a term that no one understood just a few years ago, and the idea of putting together a home automation system was enough to make people's eyes glaze over in confusion. Today, smart home devices are everywhere.  We dive into the most popular devices and how to set up your smart home.

Smart Home Automation

Today's Smart Home is attracting all kinds of press and interest from all of the major electronics players from big box stores like Best Buy & The Source, to faucet installers and custom home automation companies.  This new trend has gone a long way to helping people understand that we're not just talking about nerdy tech toys of the future, but rather a way of life.

The Smart Home concept is that you can control and/or monitor your lights, appliances and security system from your smartphone, tablet or simply using your voice!  As home automation technology advances, automation systems get more powerful yet easier to use. 

Top Smart Home Automation Applications

  • Be notified when your door isn't locked, when your partner arrives from work or when a package has been dropped off.
  • Take a peek to see who is at your home when you're not around and even engage in an audio conversation.
  • Take control of everything in your home from lights, smart appliances to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Receive an alert in the event of floods, break-ins fire, or power outages
  • Receive an alert in the event of security, carbon monoxide detection with smart home automation.
  • Save on your hydro bill by turning lights on in the evening, off in the morning, or when a room is unoccupied
  • Turning lights and appliances off, and adjusting the heating/AC when leaving home
  • Turning up the heat or AC when we're on the way home or once we arrive
  • Remotely arming, disarming alarms, checking video footage, checking to make sure the door is locked - from anywhere.

How to Build Your Ideal Home Automation System

To begin, think about the root of what you want to solve.  Chat with your family members or others on the property to see what would impact their daily lives to make them feel more secure or for convenience. Think of daily routines when coming home or leaving.  Eg. you come home, unlock the door, turn on some lights, play your favourite playlist or podcast.

Decide if you want to start small or go big with your smart home.  Do you want a simple setup that can be set up in one room? Or are you looking for a full home update. How confident are you with potential learning curves and troubleshooting?

If you're the sort of person that has trouble navigating your new phone or Bluetooth headphones, you might want to get some help. Though, if you have any questions about a purchase you've made with us -- we are happy to assist you through set up via customer support!

Smart Home Technology

We know that there can be some confusion about which products to pick up. That's why we've taken the time to put together a the top smart home technology catergories, and break it down at the product level. With the addition of this short list, you'll be on your way to a fully automated smart home in no time.

1. Smart Connectivity

What good is a smart home without reliable Wi-Fi? Most would agree that the foundation of a smart home is only as strong as its internet connection. Ensure your router is up-to-date with the latest Wi-Fi protocol. And if a weak signal is your issue, consider investing in a mesh system that blankets your space in coverage -- from attic to garage.

smart home automation

The Netgear Orbi lineup brings its leading mesh networking kits into Wi-Fi 6 territory, pushing a strong signal throughout a digital home and adding an extra layer of security. It remains one of the most expensive mesh routing products, but it's worth every penny as will last you for years to come

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2. Smart Hubs

Next up, hubs. Smart Hubs act as a command station for your smart home in addition to your smartphone or tablet. Control your homes temperate, lighting, security, and even speakers from the one simple hub

Amazon Echo Show

smart home automation

There are precious few smart home devices that don’t have an Alexa skill and Amazon’s voice assistant will easily hoover up control of your devices, the groups and scenes work like a dream, and you can use the app to control things as well as your voice. You can also pair it with a range of devices including the likes of Philips Hue lights, and even sensors like Ring Alarm, straight to your Show.

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3. Smart Security

Remember those smart automation features we spoke about earlier? From checking to see whose at the door to smoke and carbon monoxide alerts, in fact, one of the best thing about automated smart home tech is enhanced safety.

Smart Doorbells & More

smart home automation

Ring is one of the most well-known providers of home security solutions, ranging from smart doorbells to floodlights. Recently, the company has responded to the increased demand for additional data privacy controls. Rest assured that Ring offers the best in coverage and practice.

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4. Smart Lighting

With voice commands or from a smartphone, tablet or other smart device -- automated smart lights are a popular way to light up your home.

Hue Lights

smart home automation
Philips Hue Sync Box

Philips was one of the first players in this market, and the company’s experience shows. It boasts the industry’s deepest and broadest, including bulbs of every shape and size, but outdoor fixtures as well. Philips also uses Zigbee, meaning you'll be able to enjoy integration with a plethora of smart home hubs and apps.

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